FM MapMaker

Use this application to create maps that can be used within FM. Note that you must load any pre-saved maps, using the link on the meeting's 'Manage Documents' page, before the meeting begins.

• The DELETE button - click this and a 'DELETE ALL' button appears - click that to delete everything on the map.

• The LOAD button - click this to load a previously saved map xml file.

• The SAVE AS button - click this to save your map as an xml file.


Click on the 'create a node' button to create nodes. Enter your own text into the node. Drag an individual node to where you want it.

The small square buttons at the bottom of each node, that appear on mouse roll over are, from left to right:
• delete button - to remove the node
• line button - drag and drop it on another node to create an arrow between the two nodes
• size button - drag it to resize the node

The round button at the top left of a node opens a pop-up box that appears over the node. Choose the type of node from this.

Web Node Type: If you choose the node type 'web', text within this node will be converted to a web link (note you don't have to add http:// at the beginning). If you wish to see a caption rather than the link itself, type your caption, then an open square bracket (obviously don't include an [ in your caption!), then type or paste in the url. For example: FM[www.flashmeeting.com


Click on a line and a pop-up box will appear. Choose from a number of options.

You can add or remove arrowheads, change the line's colour; delete the line; or add/delete a label (enter your own text into a new label).

Note: If a warning about a 'local connection error' remains on-screen, you may have to restart your browser to see if you can 'clear the problem'. This problem is likely to occur if you have had more than one copy of this application open at once; a conflicting Flash application open; or refreshed the page too quickly.


Copyright KMi, The Open University, UK.