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21-May-16 4th Symposium Pathways to Indefinite Lifespans
The meeting is suitable for pioneers and innovators in the fields of complexity science, evolution, intelligence, cybernetics, medicine and biology, and artificial intelligence. We use a trans-disciplinary approach with our concepts and methods, in order to pursue novel, daring and scientifically rigorous avenues of thinking. The aim is to devise hypotheses, theories and practical methods that address the problem of involuntary death due to ageing.
Keywords: ageing, complexity, lipespan, longevity, systems biology
23-May-15 3rd Symposium on Indefinite Lifespans
A scientific meeting of minds to discuss ways to combat the ageing process, to include non-biological aspects
Keywords: ageing, longevity, science
24-May-14 Pathways to Indefinite Lifespans
A scientific meeting to discuss ageing and longevity, with contributions from biologists, social scientists and systems scientists
Keywords: indefinite lifespans, longevity
25-May-13 Pathways to Indefinite Lifespans
Symposium to discuss healthy ageing and longevity
Keywords: ageing, indefinite lifespans, longevity

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