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28-Nov-08 iCoper OU XML with Jenny Gray
First of three meetings with Jehad Najjar for the iCoper project to discuss the OU's OpenLearn Project.
Keywords: icoper, markup, metadata, openlearn, rss, structure, xml
11-Jun-08 DCMI-IEEE Joint Task force
Keywords: dublincore, lom, metadata
02-Jun-08 DCMI Architecture Forum
Keywords: dublincore, metadata
23-Apr-08 LOM working group meeting
remote participation for LTSC LOM meeting
Keywords: ieee, lom, ltsc, metadata
10-Mar-08 DC-Ed Task Group meeting
Meeting of the Dublin Core Education Application Profile Task Group
Keywords: dublin core, education, metadata
01-Feb-08 DCMI Architecture Forum
Keywords: dublincore, metadata
08-Jan-08 DCMI Architecture Forum
Keywords: dublincore, metadata
05-Dec-07 DCMI Arcitecture forum meeting
Keywords: dublincore, metadata
03-Dec-07 Harmony project - Metadata harmonization
Keywords: dublincore, lom, lomi, metadata
26-Nov-07 Joint DCMI-IEEE LTSC Taskforce meeting
Keywords: dublincore, lom, lomdcam, metadata

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