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29-Mar-06 LOM meeting part 2
LTSC LOM meeting at K.U.Leuven
Keywords: lomi, prolearn
29-Mar-06 LOM meeting part 1
LTSC LOM meeting at K.U.Leuven
Keywords: lomi, prolearn
20-Mar-06 Wayne Hodgins on professional learning
first of a series of discusisons with Wayne Hodgins on issues relating to professional learning
Keywords: e views, prolearn
16-Mar-06 LOMI: Open Content
In the 1st half David Wiley discusses the potential of the Open University's new Open Content Initiative. We then continue to discuss open content in general.
Keywords: learning objects, lomi, meta data, open content, prolearn
14-Mar-06 Interview with Professor Gilly Salmon
Interview with Gilly Salmon, Professor of e-Learning & Learning Technology, University of Leicester and Director of Beyond Distance Research Alliance
Keywords: e views, prolearn
14-Mar-06 Interview with Dr. Roland Klemke
Expert interview with Dr. Roland Klemke from bureau42. Interviewers are Dr. Ralf Klamma and Mohamed Amine Chatti.
Keywords: e views, prolearn
08-Mar-06 Interview with Juha-Matti Arola
Session participants are JM Arola, Kone and Tapio Koskinen TKK. Online interview service topics will cover items relevant to PROLEARN VCC clients, including perspectives from corporate university researchers and workers
Keywords: e views, prolearn
08-Mar-06 Volkswagen AutoUni Interview
Discussion of professional learning with Bernd Mentzel from the Volkswagen AutoUni.
Keywords: e views, prolearn
08-Mar-06 Volkswagen Coaching Interview
Martin Wolpers interviews Dietmar Albrecht from Volkswagen Coaching
Keywords: e views, prolearn
22-Feb-06 LOMI: Metrics and ... LOMI!
We first discuss the idea of metrics for metadata and then discuss the LOMI seminars themselves.
Keywords: lomi, prolearn

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