Account Types
Account Types

The chart below illustrates the differences between the different account types available.

The three major account types are:

Guest Account - no registration required, limited access to some features.

Sign In Account - self registration required, has full access to features in meetings.

Booker Account - application for account required, can book, manage and has full access to features in meetings.

Feature Guest Sign In Booker
Enter Meeting Yes Yes Yes
Broadcast Yes Yes Yes
Use Emoticons Yes Yes Yes
Use Text Chat Yes Yes Yes
Use Vote Yes Yes Yes
Send Urls Yes Yes Yes
Send Private Chat No Yes Yes
Upload and Delete Files No Yes Yes
Download Files Yes Yes Yes
View Whiteboard Yes Yes Yes
Use Whiteboard No Yes Yes
View Concept Map Yes Yes Yes
Use Concept Map No Yes Yes
Book a Meeting No No Yes
Keep Portfolio of Meetings No Yes Yes
Keep Portfolio of 'Contacts' Made No Yes Yes
Manage Meetings Booked No No Yes
Edit Memo Replays (if given url) Yes Yes Yes
Lock Memo Replays No No Yes
Command Line Entry Some Most All


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